Who We Are

Local unions working together to build a better community.

Sault Ste Marie and District Labour Council covers a vast area in Northern Ontario our union affiliates represent locals representing approximately 12,000 workers. We collaborate with the Canadian Labour Congress and the Ontario Federation of Labour to collectively lobby for change for all workers.

We promote the interest of our affiliates, advance the economic state of the community, and promote social justice for all workers and their families, both working and retired. The Labour Council lobbies for fair labour legislation, promoting world peace and international solidarity and encouraging the use and purchase of Union Made Products and Services within our community.

We are actively involved in both economic and social growth opportunities at the community level and encourage participation in local events, boards and committees to further our message. Through participation, we give labour issues a real voice in our community.

Board Members

Michele McCleave (OSSTF) President
Cody JG Alexander (USW9548) 1st Vice President
Marnie MacDonald (OECTA) 2nd Vice President
Marie Morin-Strom (OSSTF) Secretary
Darrell Czop (OECTA) Treasurer
Jessica Lafreniere (osstf) Sergeant at Arms
Shelagh Ewing (Opseu684) Member at Large-Strike Coordinator
Shannon Charrette (Algoma ETFO) Member at Large-Labour Day Coordinator
Eugene Caputo (USW9548) Trustee - Elected 2022
Nicole Pyykonen (OPSEU Local 606) Trustee - Elected 2020
Gogi Bhandal (CLC) Canadian Labour Congress Representative


We proudly represent the following local unions that represent the wide range of job classes in Sault Ste Marie and District:

  • Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association  
    • Local  — Elementary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, Occasional Teachers
  • Ontario Secondary School Teacher Federation
    • District 2 — Secondary Teachers, Occasional Teachers, Support Staff, Early Childhood Educators, Algoma University support staff.
  • Ontario Public Service Employees Union 
    • Local 601 — Unified and Corrections/BPS, SSM (ODSP, MAG, Northern Youth Services)
    • Local 602 — Ontario Public Service, SSM (MTO, LBED)
    • Local 603 — Ontario Public Service, SSM (MNRF)
    • Local 604 — Ontario Public Service, Elliot Lake (MNDM, Maple Gate, East Algoma Counseling)
    • Local 605 — Ontario Public Service, SSM (MNRF)
    • Local 606 — Ontario Public Service, SSM (MPAC)
    • Local 607 — Ontario Public Service, SSM (MOL, MORCC, MOL, Ontario Clean Water Agency)
    • Local 609 — Ontario Public Service, Blind River (MNRF, LBED, MNDM)
    • Local 611—  Ontario Public Service, Wawa (MNRF, LBED)
    • Local 612 — CAAT-S (Support Staff), SSM (Sault College)
    • Local 613 — CAAT-A (Academic), SSM (Sault College) Professors, instructors, counselors, and librarians
    • Local 620 — Broader Public Service, SSM – Hospital Professionals Division FT/PT, Para Meds and Combined Allied
    • Local 678 — Unified and Corrections, SSM
    • Local 684 — Broader Public Service, SSM – Counsellors, Support Staff (Algoma Family Services, Canadian Mental Health)
    • Local 685 — Broader Public Service, SSM – FT/PT Faculty, Algoma University
  • United Food and Commercial Workers
    • Local 175 & 633 — school bus drivers, hotel workers, Norpro security, Metro, Food Basics
  • United Steelworkers